Obstacle Limitation Surface (OLS)
and PANS-OPS Surveys

OLS & PAN-OPS Surveys

Somerset Aviation provides specialised expertise to Airport owners, Councils, Government agencies and property developers on a range of aviation related services. OLS and PANS-OPS surveys are our core focus and we can deliver a quality package and personalised services to clients who require specialist airport or aviation related services.

An OLS survey can be completed in either 2D or a 3D format depending on the particular client requirement. Using specialised software, we can utilise the program to allow accurate and efficient analysis of obstacles, whether it be buildings, power lines, light pylons or trees to ensure they do not penetrate or threaten the obstacle limitation surfaces (OLS) that surround aerodromes as defined under legislation. An accompanying aviation impact statement will be provided to show in detailed form, the analysis, methodology used and impact on aircraft operations.

PANS-OPS surfaces differ from OLS and are for the protection of aircraft using instrument procedures at registered or certified aerodromes.

Our partners, Aviation Projects can also offer a wide range of aviation related services such as Airport Planning, Airport Master Plans, Aerodrome Safeguarding and Risk Management.

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